Bayside Wound Group Education

Education in wound care, stoma therapy, and high risk foot care is provided by Bayside Wound Group.

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1 - 3 hour sessions

These sessions are designed to suit the requirements of organisations who provide staff inservice education. 
We will help you identify the needs of your team, provide realistic objectives and the education session that will aim to achieve these objectives. 
These sessions are suited to aged care facilities, general practice and medical centres.

This is  appropriate for inservice education sessions hosted by an organisation. 
These will be tailored according to the organisations request.

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Half Day Education

These sessions may be requested by organisations who want a more in-depth education beyond the one hour inservice. 

 Bayside Wound Group also has these sessions for attendees who have an expressed interest in attending the subject being covered. 

Half day sessions include some of the following subjects: 

- Wound assessment & documentation

- Pressure ulcer injury assessment and management

     - Management of flaps, skin grafts and donor sites

     - Leg ulcers

     - Skin tears

     - The nurses role in diabetic foot care

- Stoma formation, education and care

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One day education

These education opportunities are hosted by Bayside Wound Group. They are well structured and informative sessions that provide up to date, evidence based information. 
They are best suited to those who have a basic understanding of wound care.

These sessions are interactive and informative for those looking to expand their knowledge and skill. They include
trade display and product overviews
guest speakers
and attendees are provided with resources to support their future practice.

Bayside Wound Group Education

Complete the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM and fax or email to Bayside Wound Group