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Wound Care

Stoma Therapy

For patients that have undergone surgery and stoma formation it is imperative that they are given support and education by professional and experienced health professionals. Karen Wendland is our primary therapist and manages all aspects of care for this patient group from pre-operative through to post-operative and discharge. This valuable support and education empowers patients to self-manage and return to a normal life.

Diabetic Foot Care & Support

The risk of foot disease is a very real complication in the patient with diabetes. Shelley McIvor is also diabetes nurse educator who has a passionate interest in the prevention and management of diabetic foot ulceration; management of post amputation and prevention of further amputation; and education in general self management. An stong advocate for multidisciplinary approach to care Bayside Wound Group has established relationships with podiatrists, surgeons, dieticians, while the general practitioner remains the centre of this effective care.

Make an appointment to attend our clinic for

foot checks between podiatry appointments. A bulk billed service to help with prevention and early identification of complications. 

Our wound care service is available upon referral. We manage post acute, chronic and complex wounds. 
Bayside Wound Group nurses are experienced in all aspects of wound care including negative pressure wound therapy, compression therapy, foot ulceration, pressure injury management, and skin graft & donar site care.